Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Rock Solid

You might know that many public government building have artwork in them. But it's not your everyday picture from the department store or a vase of flowers. The government likes to do things right, even if what considers right is just their own opinion.

Take this piece, for instance.

Picture by Sean Scully - http://www.sean-scully.com/templates/data/imagePool/big/Wall_of_Light_Cubed_2_2008_01_web.jpg

It's called Wall of Light Cubed 2 (no, I'm not sure why) and was created by Sean Scully. Those blocks are granite. Size 63" x 102.4" x 70.9". About the size of a small car.

Now, normally I wouldn't care if the Government put a pile of rocks in every building. Productivity might rise, for all we know. But it seems the Government (which means you and I, if you're an American) paid $1,000,000 for this thing. I mean, it is a nice pile of rocks—but it's not that nice. Maybe if a couple of them were chrome plated. We Americans like things chrome plated, you know.

Yeah, $1,000,000.

You know, I got some rocks in my back yard that ought to be worth at least 15 grand. I'll even give you a discount if you haul them away. I think there's a rusty bicycle out there, too. You can have that for free...

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