Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Rain, It's Plain, Falls Mainly In The Train

If you were anywhere around DC a couple of days ago, you'll remember we had a bit of a storm blow through. Normally that's not too bad since you only have a short walk to the Metro from the parking lot and another little jaunt from the station you exit until you arrive at your place of work. The rest of the time, you're safe, snug, and dry inside the metal cans on wheels that pass for Metro cars. When your day has ended, it's the same thing, only backwards. If you spend much time in DC, you'll notice a lot of things here are backwards.

So you can imagine my surprise while traveling home the other night when I heard a noise like someone taking a shower. Knowing that the cars don't have plumbing, let alone any bathing facilities, I was somewhat confused. When the car arrived at the first above-ground station after traversing some distance exposed to the weather, which at the time was rainy, I was a greeted by a noise similar to that of a flushing toilet. Now, no matter how the Metro cars may smell at times, I'm reasonably certain none of them have a lavatory of any shape or form built into them.

While leaving the car I noticed a large quantity of water coming in through the roof near the one set of rear doors. It wasn't coming in through the top of the doors, however, it was draining in via a hole in the roof. In the picture below, you'll notice a large dark spot around the metal pole. That's not a carpet pattern, folks.

Save time! Shower while you commute!

It would give me great confidence to say that I'm commuting on a state-of-the-art, environmentally controlled, structurally sound, and eminently safe rail system. Until that day arrives, I'm stuck riding the DC Metro.

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